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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

After School Care

We have worked extensively with parents and outside providers to try to find a solution to parents' after school childcare needs, on the school site. Due to limited space, and the need to thoroughly clean, daily, we are unable to provide an after school  high quality solution, with late pick, up on the premises.

However, we have worked with Holmsdale Manor, in Ibstock, to provide you with an after school option. To enable Holmsdale to pick up pupils from a number of local schools we provide a short stay club on the school premises. Mrs Bates, a member of our school team, looks after pupils in this club. This provider was chosen because they are local, a number of our families use the organisation prior to starting school and their ethos and culture reflects our own.

Contact details are available here

To support our pupils we also offer a range of (not- for profit) clubs to provide you and your family with options for physical activity, extending school learning and socialising with friends- being able to relax and socialise, communicate well, negotiate rules and choices are important skills which are often underestimated.  The cost of clubs is in line with charges at other local centres. Payment covers external staffing costs and materials. Most clubs  run from 3.20 to 4.30 and although these can support child care, that is not their purpose- clubs do not run every week and they rely on staff good will.  Please follow this link for our After and Before School Clubs information.