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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Collaboration and Teamwork

In the world of work, we have to be able to work with other people productively. It is a skill we have to learn and to practise- listening to the ideas of others; bravely sharing our own ideas even when we might get it wrong; adapting to meet the needs of other people; managing our feelings positively.

We often learn best when working with others. The act of communication, problem solving together and sharing knowledge is very powerful but it takes skill and practise to know when to share, when and how to listen. Some people are easy to work with, others less so but we have to learn to work with everyone.

At school we regularly change working partners so that we can develop the skills we need for life.

Know that with practise adn kindness you can work with anyone.

Class 1

I share my ideas and listen to other people’s ideas.

I work well with any partner.

I join in with group activities.

I  can share

Class 2

I am a good learning partner

  • I take turns and join in
  • I include others
  • I share my ideas
  • I stop to listen and I think about what others say
  • I am kind and use kind words
  • I look at my partner

Class 3

I manage my feelings if my idea is not chosen by the group

I help to make sure everyone in a group gets to participate and contribute

I am comfortable contributing to group work on someone else idea

I am happy to take a leadership role in a group

Class 4

I contribute a variety of ideas to a project then agree a plan for what to try first

I am comfortable when my ideas are not chosen when working in a group- I am still happy to participate

I am able to manage conflict and find a solution everyone agrees with

I notice if a group member needs help and I offer help without judgement.

At home

How well do you take turns?

How often do you play a game together and manage winning and losing?

Are you part of a sporting team?