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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Collaboration and Teamwork

In the world of work, we have to be able to work with other people productively. It is a skill we have to learn and to practise- listening to the ideas of others; bravely sharing our own ideas even when we might get it wrong; adapting to meet the needs of other people; managing our feelings positively

Confidence and Courage

Every day we get out of bed  and bravely show up not knowing what each day will bring. We see the images of what perfect looks like and know that we are not. But we are good enough as we are- unique, connected to people who love us and prepared to do our very best each day and that is enough.

In school, we praise those who put themselves on the line and risk getting it wrong because that is how we learn. We praise the courage of having a go  when you are not sure rather than the answer. Be confident that your answer maybe wrong, but there is nothing wrong with you.

Know that you are valued and loved for being you.


Empathy, Compassion, Kindness adn gratitude

To be kind to others we must first be kind to ourselves. it is OK to make mistakes to learn and move on. When we harbour guilt and shame it is hard to be happy.  Acknowledge mistakes, apologise, ask for help from those you trust and move on. Practise being grateful for what you have, rather that dwelling on mistakes or the things you don't have yet. We promise to forgive and forget.

Don't let a mistake hold you back.

Take time to be grateful.


teamwork,  cooperation and inclusiveness

We often learn best when working with others. The act of communication, problem solving together and sharing knowledge is very powerful but it takes skill and practise to know when to share, when and how to listen. Some people are easy to work with, others less so but we have to learn to work with everyone.

At school we regularly change working partners so that we can develop the skills we need for life.

Know that with practise you can work with anyone.