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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

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Covid-19 closure/self isolation information

What do to if you are self-isolating, school is closed or the KS2 Bubble is closed:

Dear Class 4,

A quick guide for which work to complete, and when:

Everyone is at school, but I have to self isolate. I feel well enough to work:

Complete the Oak Academy lessons for Maths and English for the current week.

Complete tasks from the Topic Grid handed out at the start of term (uploaded below). 

Aim to do 1 English, 1 maths and 1 task from the Topic Grid per day.

The Oak Academy URL changes frequently, so you will need to Google Oak Academy Year 5 or Year 6, depending on your year group. Then click ‘Schedule’ in the top right hand corner to get this week’s lessons.

If you are finding your year group’s work too challenging you can try the year below, but this is only in exceptional circumstances. Generally the work at your level should be accessible.

I am self-isolating because I am not well:

You are ill, so rest and recover as you would normally. Get well soon and please make sure your adult has contacted school to let us know what is happening.

The KS2 Bubble (or whole school) is closed:

Follow the timetable below, using the work from your ‘Lockdown Pack’ that was given to you in school, Oak Academy, and the Autumn Term Topic Grid handed out at the start of the term.

Complete tasks from the Autumn Term Topic Homework Grid handed out at the start of term.

I want to see your work! So, until the school launches Microsoft teams, please send me you work each day, if possible, by emailing a quick photo of it to It will then be sent to me.

Any problems? Drop me an email and I will try to help out as best I can.

Good luck, and stay safe.

Mrs. Underwood


Hello Class 4. I hope this message finds you all safe, happy and well.

As we come close to the end of another week, let me put your minds at rest. Some of you will have found yourselves learning from home for the first time. Some of you will have been learning from home for a while and sticking to the suggested timetable of activities. Some of you may have been dipping in and out of the activities. I know that this situation is difficult and sometimes we find it hard to be motivated to learn. (It’s the same for all of us!) So please access the learning activities that are right for you. Nobody is going to be in trouble for falling behind or racing forward. For instance, if you find the Year 5 maths too simple - do the Year 6 unit. If you are in Year 5 and have started the unit on Pandas - carry on with that. Once we are all back together in school we can share what we have learnt and move forward together.

Make sure you look after yourselves both physically and mentally.

Remember to let me have any work you would like me to see by 9am on a Thursday. I am hoping to have some Learning Superheroes to look at!

Below are the suggested learning activities for the week beginning 25.1.21. There are the last of the writing lessons so you can complete your non-chronological reports; the last few fraction-themed maths lessons; reading activities on the NHS; and some practical Superhero suggestions.

Oak National Academy has also added a virtual library with free onliune books and input from famous children's authors. You can see what they have on offer at

Have fun and I hope to see you all soon.

Mrs Underwood