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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Diversity and Respect

To be kind to others we must first be kind to ourselves. it is OK to make mistakes to learn and move on. When we harbour guilt and shame it is hard to be happy.  Acknowledge mistakes, apologise, ask for help from those you trust and move on. Practise being grateful for what you have, rather that dwelling on mistakes or the things you don't have yet. We promise to forgive and forget.

Don't let a mistake hold you back.

Class 1

I stop, look and listen to the speaker

I say please and thank you

I think before I act

I notice and praise others

Class 2

I am kind to myself and others when mistakes are made

I know we are all different and special

I work well with all other members of my class

I respect the right of others to want to do something different

Class 3

I use kind words

I am proud to be me

I am proud of my achievements

I am proud of the achievements of others 

I am interested in finding out about how other people choose to live so I can be respectful

If I disagree with others I am polite and kind

class 4

I understand the meaning of equality and work hard to promote equality in my school.

I listen to the opinions of others and acknowledge their right to hold an opinion which is different from my own

 I am happy to work with any member of our school community

I communicate sensitively with everyone

My body language, tone of voice and facial expressions show kindness and care

At home

Be careful how you respond to news articles are you perpetuating unhelpful stereotypes? it is easy to make athrow away remark based on the world we grew up in rather than rooted in the world of today and tomorrow.

What does equality look like at home?

Who are the role models for acknowledging mistakes?

How do you use mistakes for learning?

Who says sorry first?

Practise gratitude- you could have a gratitude jar and each add a marble a day for an aspect of the day which went well.