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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Equality Statement

We believe that everyone is entitled to be treated with respect. We teach our learners to understand that being different is a good thing, something to take pride in and value. We make sure that all or our learners know that some families have:

  • A mummy and a daddy
  • Just a mummy or a daddy or grandparent
  • Two Mummies
  • Two daddies

We explain in an age appropriate way, using picture books, that people are different. They have different religions, languages, customs and beliefs. We use simple stories to understand that some people might want to be different and that we should respect the right to be different. We help our learners to understand those characteristics which are protected by law.

We aim to help our learners to know:

  • In my class we are not all the same, we are different but sometimes it is hard to be different
  • We can make friends with different people, we don’t leave people out
  • How to make friends.
  • Why some people are afraid of difference, why some people may not feel welcome and how to make someone feel welcome
  • How to help people to accept difference.
  • What racism is,  to recognise racist behaviour and to know what to do if they hear or see someone being racist. 
  • What a bystander is and what to do if they see someone being unkind
  • How people can be labelled by rumours and assumptions and how to stand up to prejudice and discrimination.
  • To recognise when they or other people are pre-judging people and to make an effort to overcome those assumptions and to see past stereotypes
  • What Freedom of speech means
  • What immigration is
  • How to empathise with others
  • To look for solutions to challenging situations

We are participating in Leicestershire's 'Everyone Welcome' initiative based on the work of Andrew Moffat.