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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

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Information for Parents

Class 1 Newsletter Autumn 2019

General Information

  • PE will take place on a Monday and Thursday- children should come into school wearing their PE kits on these days.
  • All children will have forest schools and PE on a Monday and will need appropriate clothing for both. They should come to school in their PE kit and bring a forest school kit to change in to.
  • The children will need to bring reading books and records into school every day so that we can listen to them read. These should be taken home and daily reading at home should be recorded in the reading records. Key words will also be sent home so that the children can practise them alongside their reading. The children will receive a certificate each week if they read 3 times and it is recorded in their records. We will also choose a reader of the week.
  • The children can bring something in for show and tell on a Friday.
  • Water bottles must contain water* and be bought in each day. They can be left on the shelves in the cloak room. The children will be offered snack (fruit) for morning break but can bring an extra piece of fruit if they would like. It would be helpful to put softer fruits in a container if possible.  

* NHS advice is that only water should be drunk between meals for healthy teeth.


This term our topics are Fairies, pirates and knights, castles and dragons! The first few weeks will be all about getting to know each other! We will be painting portraits, thinking about what makes us special and how to be a good friend. In science we will be learning about our bodies and healthy eating. After this it will be on to pirates where we will be completing lots of interesting crafts and art work. The children will be learning how to work on a pirate ship! After half term we will be finding out about castles and homes in the past.


We will be reading stories all about pirates and completing activities based on them. We will be writing descriptions of pirates, writing instructions for working on a pirate ship and making information booklets about sharks! The children will work towards individual writing targets throughout the year. Shared and guided reading groups will take place regularly in class in addition to individual reading. The children will have the opportunity to practise their handwriting on a regular basis.


The children will be split into two groups for phonics; reception and year one. The children will work through the letters and sounds programme and will learn using practical and interactive activities. I have put phonics mats in the children’s reading records so that these can be practised at home. There will be a phonics test at the end of year one. Further information/resources to support on this can be found in the learning at home section.

Reading and key words

In the early years/KS1 it is important that the children read as often as possible. In school the children will read at least twice a week individually and once in a guided reading session where the children complete follow up tasks. To support reading development it is also important that you hear your child read every day at home so that we can work together to support your child. This reading should be recorded in the children’s reading records. I will also send home a list of key words and flash cards. These are the words that we expect the children to be able to read by sight by the end of the year. It would be helpful to choose a few of these to focus on each time you read with your child.

Ideas for practising key words at home:

  • Flashcards
  • Display them in a place where your child will see them regularly.
  • Make them with magnetic letters.
  • Write them down.
  • Play games with them e.g. pairs/snap etc. (Let me know if you need any extra photocopies!)
  • Draw your child’s attention to them when reading e.g. can you point to the word “the” on this page.

The sooner these are learnt the easier your child will find it to learn to read.


This term we will be focusing on number skills and where possible these will be linked into our pirate topic. Some of the areas we will cover will be;


  • Counting to 10 and then 20
  • Counting out an amount of objects
  • Ordering numbers according to their size
  • Reading and writing the numbers to 10 and then 20
  • Adding together 2 numbers using objects
  • Taking away from a number using objects

Year 1:

  • Counting to 10, 20 and then 100
  • Counting in 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
  • Ordering numbers according to their size
  • Writing numbers to 10, 20 and then 100 accurately
  • Doubling and halving numbers
  • Partitioning numbers into tens and units
  • Number bonds to 10 and then 20
  • Addition and subtraction using a number line

The calculation policy is on the website and gives more information on the methods used in class. The year one children will be working on our new scheme “Maths no Problem” which links to the new curriculum.


Reception homework is to practise their reading books and a few key words at home each day.

The children in year one will be set homework on a Tuesday. This will include spellings to learn for a test on Monday morning as well as a piece of maths homework based on either number bonds or times tables. The children may get occasional other bits of homework or words to learn for assemblies/performances. The homework will be written into the children’s homework books each week and scores from the tests will be sent home.

All homework should be completed in pencil and should be your child’s best work.

Support staff

The LSA's in class one this term are Miss Topliss and Mrs Bates.

The everywhere bear

In Geography we are using Jofli bear to help us to find information about the cities/countries we are learning about. If you are going on a day trip/holiday we would like you to let us know and take Jofli bear with you. We would love some pictures/writing about the bear visiting different locations to share with the class. We are hoping that Jofli will be able to visit lots of places all around the country and even the world!


As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to pop into the mobile to speak to me.

Mrs Nicola Hall

(Reception and Year 1 Teacher)