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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

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Information for Parents

Below is a brief overview of topics for this term plus any additional information that you may need.

Lastly, if you have any queries relating to your child or any of the information above, throughout the term, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.


ALL times tables need to be learnt by the end of Year 4 so please do support your child at home by practising these.  The children will be revising all of their previous learning.


The children will then explore imaginary worlds, with ‘an under the sea’ theme.  This will culminate in them performing their own imaginary world story, using poetry, drama, music and puppets.


The topic is Volcanoes. The class will look at how they are formed, why they erupt, locations of both local volcanoes and volcanoes across the world and advantages and disadvantages of living in the vicinity of one.

Art/Design and Technology

There will be plenty of opportunity for artwork linked to our topics as well as an artist visit to look forward to.


The topic is War and Suffering, following on from our prior work on war in history.  The children will then be apply their learning about WWII to wider contexts.


Our topic this term is Animals and their Habitats  We will sort animals and plants by grouping them according to different characteristics, create branching databases and explore how certain aspects affect environments.


We are continuing our work on stereotypes, diversity and immigration.


The PE sessions are on Mondays and Fridays. 


Please ensure that you read and discuss your child’s reading book with them as much as possible, using the reading fans, to reinforce and practice the guided reading activities that take place in school.


Our music is taught by Mr Murray, who is a music specialist, following the Leicestershire scheme of work for music.

  • In the autumn term we look at pulse and voice
  • In the spring term we look at pitch and rhythm
  • In the summer term we look at 20th century music and digital music

We learn to play a variety of instruments, including the PBUZZ.