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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Perseverence and Resilience

Every day we get out of bed  and bravely show up not knowing what each day will bring. We see the images of what perfect looks like and know that we are not. But we are good enough as we are- unique, connected to people who love us and prepared to do our very best each day and that is enough.

In school, we praise those who put themselves on the line and risk getting it wrong because that is how we learn. We praise the courage of having a go  when you are not sure rather than the answer. Be confident that your answer maybe wrong, but there is nothing wrong with you.

Know that you are valued and loved for being you.

Class 1

I keep on trying even when it is hard.

I know that mistakes are a part of learning.

I confidently join in with new learning

Class 2

I make suggestions about how to work things out  and I will have a go even when I am not sure I am right

I have another go if I don’t get it right the first time.

I work hard to improve at the things I find harder

Class 3

I contribute in class even if I am not sure I will get the right answer

I always tackle new learning with a positive attitude and with courage even if I am feeling unsure

I do my very best to focus and learn

Class 4

I talk positively about my struggles to learn

I am kind to myself when learning is tough

I acknowledge my learning mistakes in a positive way

I look for links between my learning in one topic, subject or class an another

At Home

I talk about my learning positively

I talk about how I learned from my mistakes

I stick at things- eg I keep going to a club even if i am not immediately successful

I work on my spellings and tables

Why don't you:

learn to play an instrument, read a challenging book, learn a new sport, learn how to knit