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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Responsibility and Independence

 In the world of work we must take responsibility for our choices, actions and words. We must be prepared to take risks, to have a go and to ask for feedback and support when we need it.  We have to be both vulnerable and strong.

Know that we have high expectations of you because you matter.

Class 1

I ask if I am not sure what to do but I have a go myself first.

I focus carefully on my work and I try my best.

I can add to my work to make it even better or have another go.

I practise my reading and spelling at home

Class 2

I am happy to make mistakes when I am learning something new

I only ask for help when I am really stuck.

I am not distracted from my learning by myself or others

I always complete my homework

Class 3

I am determined to achieve my learning goals

I avoid distractions.

I avoid distracting others.

I use feedback and marking to improve

My homework, spelling and reading is always completed to a high standard

Class 4

I set myself goals and I work diligently to achieve my goals

I take pride in my achievements and the achievements of others

I practise and look for strategies to remember my learning

I ask for feedback to improve

I use my knowledge of what strategies have been successful in the past to support me with new learning

At home

I organise my equipment for PE and forest schools

I ask to read

I organise my time to complete homework

I play my part in the family. (setting the table, sorting washing etc)