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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

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Self Isolation or Bubble Closure

Work to be completed in case of self isolation or bubble closure: Autumn Term 2021

In the case of self isolation or school closure please complete the following learning at home. Please upload examples of your child's learning to tapestry.


Log in to discovery education and recap phase 5 phonics using Ash’s phonics games.

We will be particularly focusing on the split digraphs a-e and e-e in school.

Please use the sheets in the phonics folder below to practise a-e and e-e phonemes.

There is a common exception word booklet for the children to keep practising their key words.

Guided Reading

Read the story “Don’t hog the hedge” using the PowerPoint in the folder.

Complete a story map to retell the story – remember to write in full sentences with a capital letter and full stop.

Complete a setting description – Can you use an expanded noun phrase? E.g. The tall, orange trees towered above the lake.

Complete the reading comprehension activity – page 4-5 is the standard version.

All resources are in the guided reading folder.


We will be working on place value and shape in class 2 for the first half term.

Please complete the year 1 recap activities in the math’s folder for place value. There is also an activity based on ordering numbers to complete.


Please have a look at lessons 1-8 on oak academy based on shape.

Continue to work through doodle maths, including the extras which will cover what we are doing in class this week.

English Complete these lessons on oak academy “How Coyote bought fire to Earth”.


We will be focusing on drawing skills in school and the first task is to make their own sketchbooks to keep their drawings together. This can be done with a piece of cardboard, different types of paper and an elastic band. See the link below for some ideas.

Create an elastic band sketchbook.

See if you can find some feathers in your garden, look at them closely and make sketches of them. If you can’t find feathers find other natural objects to draw.

Apply your drawing skills to a range of items around your house or garden!



Create a picture of your favourite place in the UK, this could be anywhere from your home, a favourite park or a big city such as London. Pictures can be created in any way you like.

Label the map of the UK, identifying the countries, seas and oceans. See if you can find out what the capital cities are.

Think about your local area; what kinds of human (man-made) and physical features can you find in your area?



Cosmic kids Yoga Choose a lovely yoga session from this channel.

Reading at home: Please keep reading your reading books from school as well as story books from home. If you need any more books there are lots to read on Let us know if we can send you any more books home.