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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Self Isolation or Bubble Closure

Work to be completed in case of self isolation or bubble closure (2 weeks)


Please complete the oak academy lessons on fractions. (2 week unit) There are some additional sheets in the math’s folder to support fraction learning.

Please also find math’s mats and times tables practice in the math’s folder.


Please complete the oak academy lessons on The birds and the forest fire. (2 week unit)

Also find handwriting practice attached below.


Work through the phase 5 phonics booklet and complete some of the spelling and grammar activity mats attached below.

Have a go at some spelling games.

Log in to Discovery Education (details have been emailed) and have a go at some of the games on the phonics board.

Guided Reading

Week 1: Complete “The Great Fire of London” reading comprehension attached below and read “Sammy the Street Dog”.

Week 2: Please complete the book club activities on BBC Bitesize based on the book “The Night Box” by Louise Greig.

Keep practicing your reading each day at home.


Please complete the pitch lessons 3-6 on youtube.


In history we are learning about “The Great Fire of London”. We would like you to find out about the fire and present your information in any way you would like. This could be a poster or a leaflet for example. There are some Oak academy lessons that you can watch to find out more – lessons 3-5 will be the most useful. There are also some good resources on the Museum of London website.


Watch this lesson

In school we will be learning key facts about the UK.

Can you create your own UK map?

Watch this lesson

In school we will be finding out about the capital cities in the UK.

Can you use the computer or books to find out any more information about the capital cities. Share what you have found out with us on tapestry.

Watch this lesson

We will be learning about the famous landmarks which can be found in London. Do you recognise any?

If you have visited London before write about the Landmarks which you saw. What did you like about them? Which was your favourite? Are there any others that you would like to visit?

If you haven’t visited London which landmarks would you like to visit? Why?

Can you create models or drawings of some of the landmarks that can be found in London?