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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Sports Events 2017-2018


This term class 1,2,3 and 4 have ben doing Zumba with Miss Jones. This involved collaboration, confidence and dnace. We did this by getting into small groups, of 4 or 5, then practising a routine your group came up with. After that, we would get in a line in our teams then share our routine to the whole fo the class, with music Miss Jones provided.


This term some of class 4 went to a swimming gala competition. Some of us won rounds and other were really close. There were 6 schools and 3 swimming at a time. Everyone that went (in Newton Burgoland) really enjoyed it, and I hope the people who do it next year enjoy it as well! (Arje)


At orienteering we did really well and worked together super well. Last year we came first but unfortunately we didn't come first this year but everyone had lots of fun, so I'm glad we took part. (Alfie)

School Swimming Competition

In our final lesson, we did fun races using pool equipment. This included one where we pretended we were unicorns. We had lots of fun!

Spring term 1st half 2018

This half term we did swimming at Ibstock Community college with Rachel and Alice. This was really fun because one week we did synchronised swimming which helped us work as a group. Some people found this hard but we supported each other. We also learnt life saving skills such as how to carry out self-rescue and support each other if you are in a group, by linking arms in a circle. We saw that if one person went under water, we all would so it was important to work together. (Arje and Alex)

Gymnastics competition February 2018

We entered teams into all 3 competitions and I did key steps 3. For this we had to do floor work, which included a double cartwheel, bridge, a balance, handstand into a forwards roll, backwards roll into a straddle and a round off. We had to link these moves with dance moves. We also did vaulting. This was fun as at one point one member of our team had too much power and vaulted over the actual vault. We placed higher than we thought and had lots of fun. (Gracie)

Basketball Competition February 2018

We struggled to get a team together for this competition and didn’t play as well as we hoped, as we don’t have basketball nets which made practising scoring hard. However, we did our best and would like to practise more to come back next year and be more competitive. (Alfie)

Mountain Miles January 2018

Certificates were given out today to those who walked the equivalence of climbing up and down Mt. Snowdon, which was 8 miles in total. Congratulations everybody! We will be drawing some winners out of a hat, containing names of those who have taken part so far - to win a pedometer watch! 

Autumn term 2nd half 2017

This half term ks2 took part in a fitness class with Miss Jones to improve our communication skills and working as a team. It was really fun as everyone joined in. In our dance lessons we watched the Haka, and then created and practised our own version. We then had a competition to see who’s was the best. In basketball, we learnt about how to pick fair teams. We did lots of skill based games in basketball such as those involving passing. (Gracie and Alex)

Dodgeball Competition November 2017

This week year 5 and 6 competed in a dodgeball competition. Everyone enjoyed the great competition. We were accompanied by Mr Kedwards and parents. Sadly we didn't get to the semi-finals but everyone worked really hard. It was really enjoyable and I'm sure we'd be glad to do it again. (Arje)

Mountain Miles October 2017

Certificates were given out today to those who walked the equivalence of climbing up and down Mt. Fuji, which was 5 miles in total. Congratulations everybody!

Autumn term 1st half 2017

This half term we have been learning to play tag rugby and athletics. Most people enjoyed tag rugby as it was non-contact and no-one got hurt! It was also fun because it was fitness related and we kept active. In athletics, we got a chance to create a game. Mine involved running round a square, and if you overtook someone their whole team was out. This helped us learn not to give up and work as a team on our sprinting. (Alfie and Kai)