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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Week beginning 17th January 2022

Story Time

There will be times for your child to join us in class for lessons, if your child is well enough to do so.  Please look out for the invite links on Microsoft Teams.


In maths this week with Mrs Hall we are learning about giving the correct change. The Powerpoint and the worksheets we will be using for this in class are attached below. To support the oak academy lessons on giving change may also be helpful (lesson 5 and lesson 8). 

There is also work supporting this added on to doodle maths.

You can play some games to revising counting money/giving change on this website. 

In maths this week with Mrs Waddell we will be doing subtracting 1 digit numbers from 2 digit numbers with and without regrouping the 10.

Please also practice at home number bonds to 10 here are some games to help.

Number bond game.

Oak academy maths lessons will help to support this please select lessons 5-8. Also there will be some extra challenges on doodle maths.


with Mrs Waddell In English we will be starting our writing sessions on a diary of a rat during the time of the Great Fire of London. Please join us in class for this lesson.


Please complete the Great Fire of London Discovery Board 1

Spelling work

With Mrs Hall this week the children in school are learning about the rules for adding -ing. I have attached some activities for this below in the -ing folder. There is a board practising these rules on discovery education. Games to support this can be found. here:

With Mrs Waddell the children will be learning about words in the past tense. the suffix ed and irregular verbs e.g - eat, 

The children are also practising their focus 5 spellings which you will have been sent via email. 


The children will be taking part in a reading group 3x this week. Please could you complete these sessions on Cyril and Pat at home in place of reading group.


Please practise correct letter formations and writing common exception words. Resources can be found below.


  1. The children will be learning to tell the difference between human and physical geographical features. Use this link to find out more.  They will then be sorting the human and physical feature cards attached below.
  2. The children will be drawing pictures/taking photographs of features in our school local area (or your local area) and writing sentences about them. They need to remember capital letters and full stops. Their sentences should also include an expanded noun phrase e.g. Our beautiful, small church is a lovely place for quiet reflection.
  3. The children will be making maps of our school village – if it is easier you could make a map of your local area. Please use lesson 8 and 9 from oak academy to support this. The worksheet on maps that we will be using in class is attached below.

We will also be making junk model maps of our area in active learning; this is something you might be able to do at home.

Please get in touch if you need any further support.


Mrs Hall and Mrs Waddell