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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

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Class 1 - EYFS & Year 1

Welcome to Class 1

Welcome to Class one

Class one is a fun and exciting place to be! It is made up of reception and year one children who work within the foundation stage and key stage one curriculums. The adults working full time in Class 1 are  Mrs Watson, Miss Moore and Mrs Davis.

We visit our nurseries and pre-schools and use their assessments to ensure that we are building on what the children already know. We have a focus on the prime areas of the EYFS, including language development, as this is a key indicator for later learning success. To aid this language development we provide a range of exciting experiences for all of the children including: forest schools, faith visits, trips to places such as the zoo and Tamworth castle. We also have workshops in school from the library services and other visitors to ensure that the children have first hand experiences in a broad range of subjects.

In class one we are curious and love to learn new things. We enjoy everything that we do together and every day is different. Our curriculum is planned around the children’s interests and new inspiring themes each half-term. We make the most of all opportunities to play and learn together in our beautiful classroom and exciting outdoor areas. We love to see the children grow and learn as they take their first steps on their journey through school.

EYFS planning


See PDF version below in attachments for the academic year 2021-2022

year b curriculum map


See PDF version below in attachments for academic year 2022-2023

maths progression




You will find a brief overview of units of work below and how your could help at home, for more information see our subject pages. 


All about me

In this unit of work we talk a lot about ourselves and our families. We explore our school adn where we live.

We look at houses and homes and families, discovering that all families are different. A washday visit from Museum services helps us to learn about life in the past. We find out about Florence Nightingale and compare her life with that of Mary Secole - developing our knowldge of diversty, equality and the importance of respect for all. 

You can help at home by talking about the people in our family, the jobs they do and what makes them special. You can talk to me about my life, so far, helping me to understand chronology.

You could take me to the museum of childhood.

Our wonderful world

We start to think about the wider world, continents, countries, seas and oceans. We watch the weather and find out about the seasons.

We will find out about our captial city and our monach comparing the lives of 2 queens: Victoria and Elizabeth II. We love building London's landmarks in the block area. We come back to this in year 2 when we study the Great Fire of London.

You could take me to London, explore an atlas with me  or help me to keep weather diary.  You could read stories to me from around the world.

off to the seaside

We find out about holidays in the past. About the 'penny lick' and bathing huts. We look at maps of England to locate the coasts (we will come back to this in year 5 and 6).

A highlight of the term is our trip to the sealife centre. We will be looking at ocean habitats. In year 3 and 4 we will look at other habitats and biomes.

Finding out about Grace Darling and her heroic rescue efforts, has us building lighthouses and re-enacting her life story. We can compare her with Florence Nightigale as they were both awarded medals. 

You can take me to the seaside and help me explore rock pools or a trip to Bradgate to fish in the river would be good. We will come back to habtitats in class 3 and 4.

If you go to the seaside in the summer do send us a postcard.

Hot and cold places

We study the life of Ernest Shackleton and find out about hot and cold places. In continous provision. we build habitats for polar bears and penguins. Some of us will be found outside building ships to sail to the South Pole.  We will contrast  Ernest Shackleton with Admiral Heng Ze to begin to understadn how different groups of people have been represented in the past.

We will be exploring the seasons and animals with a trip to the zoo. 

You could take me to visit a farm and we could pick fruit or vegetables.

off to the moon

We are going to the space centre to find out about space and astronauts. 

Some of us will be found outsdie buiding rockets. We are going to think about who should be remebered for the first moon landing, building our understanding of equality.

We will find out about the histroy of flight and key people like the wright Brothers, exploring why somepople are remebered more than others. We will study space again in class 4.

In the garden

Time to start planting so we can create a heathly snack. We will build on our cooking and preparation skills as we move form class 1 to class 4.

We will be visiting the botanical gardens to look at different habitats (in class 3 we will explore bionmes), looking at minibeasts in the woods and school garden.

Leicestershre museum services visit and help us with our drawing and printing skills.

You can help me by letting me grow some vegetables in the garden and taking me for a walk to look for mini-beasts.