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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Class 2

Welcome to Class Two

Class 2 is made up of year 2 learners and is part of Key Stage One. The class teachers are Mrs Waddell and Mrs Ward.

Together, we plan an interesting curriculum to enable all learners to develop their knowledge and skills. To make our learning exciting, we base our curriculum under a theme and link topics together where possible. We build learning from class 1, ensuring there are a range of opportunities to  extend the knowledge and talents of all learners. At Newton Burgoland we are fortunate to be part of a brilliant community, which enables us to carry out studies of the wildlife and local area. In addition to this, we ensure that we provide a range of experiences for all learners outside of our community, such as religious visits, trips to the airport, farm and zoo. Membership of creative learning services also ensures that all of our learners are able to have first hand experience of handling historical artefacts.

We love how every day is different and enjoy watching our learners grow, ready to take on the challenge of Key Stage Two.

Into the wild

In this unit of work


Children will read and discover information about our woodland animals. They will then write their own information text about their chosen woodland animals. The information will build on their prior knowledge of animal habitats and classification of woodland animals from class 1. The children will also write their own woodland story focusing on characters and settings.

 We will look at animals with a focus of the life cycles of chosen animals and the needs of living animals and their habitats, this also builds on from class 1's work on the hungry caterpillar.

We will be looking at the physical and human features of our country.  We will also use field work and observational skills to study our school grounds  and surrounding environment.

In history we will be looking at shopping, they will be looking at changes within living memory by talking and interviewing people from their family, We will be delving deeper into how people lived and what other things have changed in their daily lives. This is then built on in keystage 2 in their work on world war 2.

In R.E we will be looking at different religions focusing on Muslims and their beliefs. We will also be looking at Stories Jesus told and caring for others linking in with PSHCE on myself and my relationships. This work builds on 'special stories' explored in class 1.

In Art we explore drawing, printing and painting nature. We will be looking at sculpture using natural materials looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy during some of our forest schools sessions. These skills will then be explored further during keystage 2 sculpture project in year 3.

In Design and Technology the children will be looking at making a sandwich bag linked with history building on skills they begin when they make clothing items in class 1 . This skill is then built on in keystage 2 during their cross stitch project.

London's burning

In this unit of work the children will be:

Looking at The Great Fire of London.  The children will write a historical account of a character that they will create, a diary, explanation text, drama and freeze frames all based on the Great fire of London. They will also create traditional tales and extended stories. Also there will be links to computing searching for information safely.

In science children will be working scientifically looking at materials and the properties building on their prior knowledge of materials and their properties in class 1. We will be doing investigations on waterproof materials.

In Geography we will be looking at London and comparing other capital cities building on work from year 1.

In History we will be looking at the life of Samuel Pepys and Christopher Wren. We will look at buildings built then by Christopher Wren and buildings now, linked to the class trip.