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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Class 2

Welcome to Class Two

Class 2 is made up of year 2 children and is part of Key Stage One. The class teachers are Mrs Maybury and Mrs Waddell, with support from Mrs Bates.

Together, we plan an interesting curriculum to enable all children to develop their skills and display their talents. To make our learning exciting, we base our curriculum under a theme and link topics together where possible. We build on the work which they do in class 1, ensuring they have a range of opportunities to further their learning and extend their knowledge. At Newton Burgoland we are fortunate to be part of a brilliant community, which enables us to carry out studies of the wildlife and local area. In addition to this, we ensure that we provide a range of experiences for all children outside of our community, such as religious visits, trips to the airport and zoo. Membership of creative learning services also ensures that all of our pupils are able to have first hand experience of handling historical artefacts.

We love how every day is different and enjoy watching our children grow, ready to take on the challenge of Key Stage Two.