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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Class 4- Years 5 and 6

Welcome to Class Four!

Class 4 is made up of years 5 and 6, upper Key Stage Two. 

Class 4 is fun, busy, interesting and energetic. We love what we do and we love learning: from maths to Martians, Bosworth Battlefield to Beowulf, Salvation to Shakespeare and so much more in between! Our classroom is vibrant and exciting and always full of eager, happy learners who are ready to be challenged. 

In Class 4 we teach a broad and balanced curriculum, preparing learners for the end of Key Stage 2 and secondary school. We provide diverse, enjoyable and challenging learning experiences to ensure that everyone achieves their best.

In class four we equip learners with life experience and skills. Wherever possible, we build upon the overnight experience in Class Three with an extended three night residential trip to Beaumanor Hall, as well as an overnight stay at the National Space Centre. These trips further develop our learners' skills of independence and resilience whilst providing a rich array of opportunity and experience in a different setting. Learners experience the wider world and develop their skills ready for secondary school with regular opportunities to work, socialise with and engage with with learners from different schools. A trip to Warning Zone to learn more about dangers in the wider world.

We encourage values of independence and a positive attitude to learning. We show respect and understanding to all members of our school community, and play a vital role in our school’s leadership through our Learners Council, Sports Ambassadors and Internet Legends roles. 

Our class curriculum works on a two year rolling programme.

Thank you for visiting Class 4!

Mrs Underwood