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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Collab 360

 collab 360 


The collaborative was formed in 2022 by a group of Headteachers who are keen to collaborate with other like-minded schools in a way that has a direct impact on the children. There are currently 8 schools: Ellistown Primary School, Heather Primary School, Sir John Moore Primary School, Belvoirdale Primary School, St Deny’s Infants School, Ibstock Junior School, Woodstone Primary School and Newton Burgoland Primary School. 


What is the purpose of the collaborative? 

"Working and sharing together, for the good of all in a committed, equal partnership." 

  1. To promote effective education across member schools to support and sustain high standards and positive outcomes for all children and families.  

  1. To support all schools with their individual visions and aims to enable all pupils to achieve their full potential within a caring and safe environment.  

  1. To offer support to any school facing challenging circumstances, within the capacity of the group, but not to the detriment of any individual school.   

  1. To share best practice to address current and future challenges.   


How do the children benefit? 

One of our aims is that as the collaborative grows, group events will be organised so that all children from across the collaborative can come together, giving them an opportunity to make new friends and to get to know children from other schools, who they may transfer to High School with.  So far, in the short time the collaborative has been running we have held: 

-KS1 School Council Events 

-KS2 School Council Events 


How does the collaborative support teachers? 

Teachers meet regularly with colleagues from the other schools who teach the same year group. They use this opportunity to moderate teacher assessments and share practice and experiences. It is also a very valuable networking opportunity.  
Subject leaders meet regularly to share resources, procedures and experiences.  


How does it support staff? 

There are networking opportunities for all staff.  Headteachers have also had joint training on partnerships visits and a cycle of visits is in place. The head teachers share their School Development Plans so that joint projects can be planned to have a direct impact on individual school improvement as well as improving the provision and experience for all pupils across the collaborative. A skills audit is carried out at the beginning of the school year and schools are able to support each other by sharing expertise in partnership. 


Being part of the collaborative is invaluable to us.  There are clear benefits for the children and staff.  Quite simply - we are stronger together’   

Simone Fellows – Headteacher at Ellistown Primary School