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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Curriculum Information

Together we make learning

an unmissable,unforgettable adventure.

We follow the National Curriculum,responding to the needs of our learners, with a focus on engaging and challenging every pupil. We believe in the importance of knowing, exploring and sharing learning through precise communication; ensuring all of our pupils  leave Newton Burgoland Primary School as successful learners; active members of their community and fully prepared for life's challenges. All of our lessons include an emphasis on the development of knowledge and of core skills for life:

  • working with others,
  • speaking and listening,
  • being a leader in the community
  • problem solving.

We are determined that learners not only gain cultural capital but also embodied and objectified capital so that they are fully prepared to achieve in life.

Learning is organised into themes and units with connections between subjects when appropriate, and when those connections support learning. Trips and visits enhance our curriculum, enriching and cementing learning for all.

Learning outside of the classroom, including forest schools is an essential part of our curriculum- supporting pupils' well being and mental health.

Use the links to find out about each subject.