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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

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Information for Parents

.We love teaching class 2,

Here is some information about what we are up to this term, and a reminder of key information. Also see our newsletter.


This term our learners will be writing stories and developing their sentence skills. We will be using lots of new words to describe characters and settings.

In reading we will be ensuring that all learners can read on sight the year 1 and year 2 words. When these are learnt, we shall be extending our reading skills to read and understand a range of books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Link between sight words and reading band

Year 1 words complete: ready for orange and turquoise

Y2 words complete: ready for gold and white reading books.

We aim high, for all learners to be reading and understanding their reading at white or lime level by the end of Y2.


This half term we will focusing on knowing our number bonds, tables and being able to add and subtract using place value.




Our science focus will be animals and their habitats.

history & geography

We have an exciting term planned looking at the geography of Great Britain. You can help us by thinking about the following questions when you visit places- even if it is just a walk around the village.

What is this place like?

Why is this place like this?

What human features can you see (man-made)?

What natural features can you see?

How is this place changing?


We follow the Wessex scheme for computing.  E-safety is embedded throughout everything we do.

art & dt

We will be looking at colours, and natural sculpture

pshce/music & re


We follow the Leicestershire scheme of work for Music,. This term we will be looking at pulse and voice. In RE we will be learning all about .

PE & Forest schools

PE is on a Monday with Mr. Nick and on a Thursday with Miss. B.

Forest School dates are given on the newsletter and term dates. Please ensure that your child has appropriate clothing and footwear for this.


Clothes that cover arms and legs, as there are often tall grasses and nettles to contend with. Please ensure that your child always has waterproofs, as forest school will go ahead in the rain.


Waterproof footwear such as Wellies or walking boots.

Weather appropriate

Hats, gloves and scarves for winter, hats and sun cream for summer.