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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

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Information for parents


Our Day:

8:45-8:50 Registration.
8:50-10:15- Lesson One
10:15-10:30- Assembly
10:30-10:45- Break
10:45-12:00- Lesson Two
12:00-13:00- Lunch
13:00-14:00- Lesson Three
14:00-15:00- Lesson Four
15:00-15:20- Class Reading

Pupils may arrive from 8:35 to complete a learning task as they arrive- please ensure children are in school promptly! This also helps to get our day off to the smoothest start and avoid queues in communal areas. 

Our Week: 

Monday: PE (please wear PE kit to school)
Wednesday: Swimming for Year 5 (Spring Term 2- please bring labelled swimming kit in a bag). 
Thursday: PE (please wear PE kit to school)

Monday: Forest School for Year 5 (selected weeks- to be notified by text and email). 


English- Writing and reading

This term we are reading Journey to the River Sea by Eva Ibbotson, linking to our work on South America and the Amazon Rainforest in Geography. We are going to write flashback stories about Maia's journey to the Amazon Rainforest, and later produce information texts about the Amazon. 

We are revising our Literal comprehension skills and developing our evaluation and deduction: understanding what these skills mean and how we use them when comprehending a text. We are examining these skills through a range of high-quality, challenging texts including fiction, poetry and non-fiction. 

Children should be reading a minimum of 3x 20 minute sessions at home, their reading records will be checked to ensure this is being signed off by an adult. Reading records are collected to be checked every Wednesday. 



This term we are deepening our understanding of fractions and taking this learning to the next level as we learn how to calculate with them: adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing fractions as well as converting fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa. Fractions are such a key underpinning concept in the Year 6 fractions paper so it is vital pupils are confident with fractions and how to work with them. We will also begin revision of calculations (from autumn term) to ensure these methods are secure. 


This term we are building on our understanding of how electricity works (from Class 2), but also the variables that affect it. What happens when we 'ramp up the power'? How does this affect the output of the circuits? How can we represent and diagnose broken circuits in a diagram? We will find the answers to these questions and more! 


This term we are examining the continent of South America: its human and physical features and in particular, The Amazon Rainforest. We will look in detail at the rainforest, the issues surrounding it, and the trade and commerce from it (you'd be surprised just how many Amazonian products you can find in your own home!). We will be comparing the area to other areas we have studied in previous classes such as Guatemala in Class 3 and comparing the size of the Amazon River to the River Nile in Class 3. 


If God is everywhere, why do you need to go to a place of worship? We examine this in detail this half term, looking at what a Place of Worship is and why people go to them, building on from our experience of visiting holy places in Class 3. 

In PSHCE we will be thinking about our rights, what we need to survive and comparing our own ideas with the UN Rights for the Child- what do you think children's rights are?

Art and Design

To link in with our South America region study, we will be looking at the work of Beatriz Milhazes and her use of colour and shape to create movement and emotion in her pieces. We will mimic her work and study a range of mediums in order to replicate her work. This will culminate in a final design and art piece, using mediums of our choosing!