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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

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Learning at Home**INCLUDING 2020 SCHOOL CLOSURE**

Home learning is key to extending our pupils' education. In Class 4 this also serves to prepare our pupils for the demands and challenges of secondary school. 

This learning is expected to be completed at the same high standard of school work, in handwriting pen or pencil (to match the writing tool used in school). It is designed to not take a large amount of free time but enough time to ensure pupils are exercising discipline, maturity and time management in order to complete the tasks they are set. 

Pupils in Class 4 receive:

  • Homework (set on Friday, due in the following Wednesday). Typically one piece of maths, one grammar task in the pupils' CGP Grammar Books and a task of the pupils' choice from the 'Topic Menu' handed out at the start of new units of work. This term's topic menu is attached below. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: In the event of self-isolation due to COVID-19, there are some longer tasks that are in bold font and highlighted. These are to be completed in the event of this situation. 
  • Spellings (set on Friday, practised throughout the week and tested the following Friday. 
  • Reading (to be ongoing, with 4-5 entries per week expected in pupils' Reading Record books). Records are regularly checked at school to verify pupils have at least three entries per week, with the entries written in by an adult, not just signed off. 

Please ensure that your child is completing this work as independently as possible, but of course help is encouraged where required. A quick note in their book will notify me of the help they have received. 

If you need extra copies of our school spelling list, please find these on the Curriculum (Spellings) Page, by clicking here!

In addition, by the end of Year 6 pupils are expected to know the Year 5-6 Statutory Spellings included in the document at the bottom of this page.