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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

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Learning at Home

School Closure-Remote learning 20/21

Summer 2021

Dear Class 3,

Here’s a quick guide to explain what to do in different circumstances, if you are not at school.

Everyone is at school, but I have to self-isolate. I feel well enough to work:

Access the ‘self-isolating learning at home information’ uploaded at the bottom of this page and complete the work detailed in it.

I am self-isolating because I am not well:

You are ill, so rest and recover as you would normally. Get well soon and please make sure your adult has contacted school to let us know what is happening.

The whole school or KS2 bubble is closed:

Follow the suggested weekly timetables uploaded below which make reference to lessons on the  Oak National Academy, your Learning at Home book and the resources uploaded at the bottom of this page.  Your parents can read the accompanying ‘school or KS2 closure bubble information’ uploaded below for any further information about this work. 

I will leave each week's timetable on this page as the lessons build upon one another.  

I would love to see your work so please send it by emailing a quick photo of it to or through TEAMS. 

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs Elliott


Send us some comprehension questions to go with the books we sent home. We can then send them out to your friends.

Use the reading cards to help you.

Write about the book your are reading using these sentence stems

Although ( main character) was .................

Despite feeling ..............., ( character) .......

If  ( main character) closed his/ her eyes very tightly he/ she could almost picture.......


Collect words and phrases from your reading and use them to write a story.

Try this APP.



Get an adult to sign you up to Duolingo- it is free.

Challenge yourself and learn two languages!


Explorify website - Explorify at home section.


Access STEM  - it is a fantastic website for science, maths, computing and design resources.


 Join the Maths Factor for free.

Art and design 

Create a piece of artwork of your choice.

Create a small world of your choice out of a shoebox or similar-sized box. 

I look forward to seeing the photos!


Draw in the style of author and illustrator Ed Vere by watching this video.

Take a look under the PSHCE and Well-being tab for further art projects.


Plan a workout for your family and friends. You might be able to use Zoom to connect with friends and share workouts.

Warm up

10, 30 second bursts of exercise with 30 seconds rest between

2 minute rest


Cool down.

Below are some more ideas to keep you active.

PE with Joe Wicks

Cosmic Yoga

Dance with Oti Mabuse- please select playlists and choose a 'kids' list.


Out of the Ark have some free singing resources.


Please access the links for music lessons from the Leicestershire music hub here.


 You can continue your learning at home by using scratch online

You can find online tutorials and project ideas. Share your work with us.


It is Safer Internet day on Tuesday 9th February 2021.  The theme this year is 'An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world'. The internet has an amazing range of information and opportunities online, but how do we separate fact from fiction?

Explore the virtual assembly here

There are also videos on Reliability 1 and Reliability 2 suitable for KS2 children.

For parents:

Click here and then click on ‘I am a parent or carer’ to access a wealth of internet safety resources that you can use with your child.



PSHCE and Well-being

Please find a children’s mental health virtual assembly here

Use this link to access the ELSA website – there are a variety of free resources for your child to access relating to emotional well-being.

Access the art room that is part of Place2be’s ‘Improving Children’s Mental Health’.  There are a series of free projects for primary –aged children to access with their parents found here.


Please ensure that you read and discuss your child’s reading book with them as much as possible, using the reading fans. 

Times Tables

Times tables continue to be a very difficult area for children of this age.  By the end of Year 3, children need to know 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10 times tables. By the end of Year 4 this extends to include all of the tables. If they do not know all of their times tables by this time, they will not be at age-related expectations.

The children should practise their tables at home regularly.



  1. School or KS2 closure learning at home information
    PDF File
  2. Self-isolating learning at home information
    PDF File
  3. Online Safety Building Habits LKS2
    PDF File
  4. Week 1 Suggested Timetable
    PDF File
  5. Colour-your-characteristics
    PDF File
  6. ODDIZZI Continent Fact Sheet Europe
    PDF File
  7. Week 2 Suggested Timetable
    PDF File
  8. Week 3 Suggested Timetable
    PDF File
    PDF File
  10. Parents Notes
    PDF File
  11. Prepositional Openers
    PDF File
  12. Prepositional Phrases
    PDF File
  13. Week 4 Suggested Timetable
    PDF File
  14. Number bonds and Counting
    PDF File
  15. Preposition Detective
    PDF File
  16. Preposition Sort
    PDF File
  17. Volcano Guided Reading
    PDF File
    PPT File
  19. Week 5 Suggested Timetable
    PDF File
  20. How-is-the-Comma-Used
    PDF File
  21. negative to positive
    PDF File
  22. Positive Thoughts Diary
    PDF File
  23. Week 6 Suggested Timetable
    PDF File
  24. Features of a newspaper
    PPTX File
  25. year 3 timetable - The BFG
    PDF File
  26. BFG Prepostitional Phrases
    PDF File
  27. BFG Roald Dahl border pages
    PDF File
  28. BFG Text extract
    PDF File
  29. BFG Justifying Opinions- use with BFG text extract
    PDF File
  30. BFG acrostic
    PDF File
  31. BFG book review
    PDF File
  32. BFG Character activity sheet
    PDF File
  33. BFG empty jar
    PDF File
  34. year 4 timetable - The Butterfly Lion_
    PDF File
  35. Butterfly Lion African landscapes
    PDF File
  36. Butterfly Lion guided reading
    PDF File
  37. Butterfly Lion timeline template
    PDF File
  38. Butterfly Lion Venn diagram template
    PDF File
  39. year 3 and 4 Draw an ammonite fossil
    PDF File
  40. Week 2 Suggested Timetable
    PDF File
  41. Recipe For Friendship PowerPoint
    PPT File
  42. Fossils Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity
    PDF File
  43. What makes a good friend
    PDF File
  44. closure timetable week 2 June
    PDF File