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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Parents/Essential Information

Welcome to your school family

We believe that for a child to be a successful learner, it is crucial that parents (every child's first and best teacher) work alongside our teachers and all other adults at school. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are at all concerned about your child's learning or well-being.

We communicate regularly with parents via text and email so we can provide you with the most up to date information about events in school. Please contact the office if you are not receiving this information.

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Meet The Team

We expect our staff to deeply believe that every pupil is capable of academic success at school and beyond. We expect our staff to come to school prepared, to seek ways to engage pupils in their learning and to set appropriate homework.

I am proud to say that my staff exceed my expectations each and every day.


Head teacher:  Mrs Sue Ward

Class 1 — Class Teacher and Key stage 1 leader: Mrs Chloe Lupion       

                  Teaching Partner : Miss Abbie Topliss, Mr Tom Ikin-Dean

Class 2 — Class teachers: Mrs Stacey Waddell and Mrs Nicola Hall 

                   Teaching Partner : Ms. Sarah Aldrich

Class 3 — Class teacher  Miss Eliza Durkin 

                   Teaching Partner : Ms. Sarah Aldrich / Mrs Wendy Bates

Class 4 — Class teacher Mrs. Kate Underwood   

                     Teaching Partner : Mrs Wendy Bates


Visiting Music teacher : Mr Rob Murray

Visiting PE Teacher; Mr Jason Nicholson - Mr Nick 


Office Staff: Business manager Mrs. Linda Foster

                      Admin Assistant : Mrs Ally Grimshaw


Pictures can be found here of staff and governors



Working IN Partnership

We want to create a collaborative, mutually supportive environment focused on ensuring that every child realises their potential. We all have a part to play in ensuring that this happens and is nurtured. You have high expectations of us, quite rightly, but we also have high expectations of you and your child.

We expect our pupils to:

  • Treat all members of our community with respect
  • Show kindness to all
  • Believe that they and their peers are capable of academic success
  • Arrive at school on time every day, wearing their school uniform
  • Always work, think, and behave in the best way they know how, and do whatever it takes to learn
  • Complete all their homework on time and speak to their teacher if they have a problem
  • Discuss any issues they are having at school with their teacher or a school adult
  • Follow our Behaviour policy

We expect our parents to:

  • Treat all members of our community with respect
  • Respect the local environment- park and drive with care and consideration
  • Believe that their child is capable of academic success
  • Ensure that their child is in school on time every day, wearing their uniform
  • Commit to allowing their child to go on school trips
  • Plan healthy meals, encourage healthy eating habits, create regular routines and make sure their child gets enough sleep
  • Not take their child out of school during term time
  • Attend parents evenings, school events and curriculum meetings
  • Read with their child each day
  • Support their child with: -
    • Completing and handing in homework on time
    • Learning spellings
    • Practising Times Tables and playing maths games
    • Support our before and after school clubs
    • Support our Parents and Friends Association
    • Lockdown learning

At Newton Burgoland we believe that children will only realise their potential when a true ‘partnership’ exists between school and home. We know that every parent wants the very best for their child and we work hard to ensure clear lines of communication between staff and parents.

Sue Ward (Head teacher)

Read our Ofsted Report, find out about PE, after school clubs, local childcare, our classes, read out latest data report and contact us to arrange a visit. 

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