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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

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Together We Make Learning A Memorable, Unmissable Adventure

Class 1 receive daily phonics teaching using multi-sensory and interactive approaches.

Foundation Stage: The foundation stage children will start school at Phase 2 of letters and sounds. This is based on learning the initial sounds (the alphabet) and reading and spelling CVC words e.g. cat. they will bring home phonetically decodable books to share.

Once secure in phase 2 the children will move rapidly into phase 3 which focuses on reading and writing using these sounds:

sh ch th ng ai ee igh ear er
oa oo ar or ur ow oi air ure

Year 1: The year 1 children start the year revising and securing the phase 3 sounds (above). They then move on to phase 4 and 5 where they learn a range of new sounds and begin to read and write more complex words.

These are the sounds introduced in phase 4 and 5:

ay/a-e ou ie/i-e ea   oy ir     ue/u-e
aw ph wh ew oe/o-e au e-e

The children will also practise reading and spelling high frequency words during their phonics lessons and in weekly spelling tests in year 1.

At the end of year 1 the children will take part in a phonics screening check. This helps us to identify whether children need further support with phase 1-5 of phonics in year 2.

Year 2: The children start the year revising and securing the phase 5 sounds. They then move onto phase 6. These focus more on the grammar and spelling rules, understanding tenses , plurals and changing from one thing into other e.g adjectives to adverbs. They include the suffixes (and the rules for applying them):

-ed       -ing        -er        -est        -ly        -y       -s/-es      -ful        -ment      -ness       -en

They also look at different ways of learning how to spell words such as; their syllables, identifying base words, analogy and mnemonics.