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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

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Class 1 receive daily phonics teaching using multi-sensory and interactive approaches.

Foundation Stage: The foundation stage children will start school at Phase 2 of letters and sounds. This is based on learning the initial sounds (the alphabet) and reading and spelling CVC words e.g. cat.

Once secure in phase 2 the children will move rapidly into phase 3 which focuses on reading and writing using these sounds:

sh ch th ng ai ee igh ear er
oa oo ar or ur ow oi air ure

Year 1: The year 1 children start the year revising and securing the phase 3 sounds (above). They then move on to phase 4 and 5 where they learn a range of new sounds and begin to read and write more complex words.

These are the sounds introduced in phase 4 and 5:

ay/a-e ou ie/i-e ea   oy ir     ue/u-e
aw ph wh ew oe/o-e au e-e

The children will also practise reading and spelling high frequency words during their phonics lessons and in weekly spelling tests in year 1.

At the end of year 1 the children will take part in a phonics screening check. This helps us to identify whether children need further support with phase 1-5 of phonics in year 2.

Year 2: The children start the year revising and securing the phase 5 sounds. They then move onto phase 6. These focus more on the grammar and spelling rules, understanding tenses , plurals and changing from one thing into other e.g adjectives to adverbs. They include the suffixes (and the rules for applying them):

-ed       -ing        -er        -est        -ly        -y       -s/-es      -ful        -ment      -ness       -en

They also look at different ways of learning how to spell words such as; their syllables, identifying base words, analogy and mnemonics.