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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

School Improvement Plans


We are a successful village school with a mixed intake, in respect of socio- economic background and readiness for school. Most pupils are white British so there is a strong focus within the curriculum on preparing pupils to live in a diverse modern Britain.

On entry, achievement levels are varied but all pupils make strong progress to achieve well by the end of KS2 – evidenced by published results.

As a result, of strong leadership, ambition and curriculum development in EYFS since last inspection 70% of pupils archived GLD in 2022. Those pupils not achieving GLD have identified additional needs which are being met.

We are very proud of our unique curriculum, which enables our learners to achieve and thrive in a diverse and rapidly changing world. The curriculum is driven by three priorities:

  • Reading
  • Character and well-being
  • Create, reason, communicate

The whole staff team has worked together to develop this curriculum over a number of years however, we are always striving to maximise its impact by responding to the needs of individuals and groups.

We believe every child should become an independent, confident and collaborative learner (Ethos, Core Values, Vision and curriculum driver). Our curriculum is rich. It is also personalised, enabling teaching to focus on the individual needs of each child.

Our care and concern for the world and one another is developed and enhanced by our pupil leadership team

We provide carefully chosen opportunities for  our  children  to  take  part   in  a  wide  range  of  clubs  and  enrichment   activities,  such  as   multi -sports, gymnastics, art, stem and  computing. Trips and visitors enhance our curriculum offer. Enrichment is planned to enable pupils to develop as individuals with their own interests and passions.

Wraparound care is now provided on site in response to parent feedback.


Pupil outcomes are high, with some areas for further development in each phase in order to best support all of our pupils to become lifelong learners with good learning habits and a thirst for further success.

In 2021/22 our first priority was to enable all pupils to pass the phonic screening test in year 1, regardless of starting points. A validated scheme was purchased. Our previous scheme was successful for most pupils, but the pandemic has highlighted the need for consistency across the school for those with additional needs.

Our second priority was to enable every child to catch up whilst still accessing a broad and ambitious curriculum. We achieved this by nurturing all of our pupils as individuals, extending the day with catch-up, short focused precision teaching sessions, doodle maths and high quality teaching. 


  • To ensure that attainment in all subjects is at least in line with pre-pandemic levels across the curriculum. Maths and writing are a priority in 2022/23. As is reading for pleasure – some pupils have not developed the levels of reading enjoyment achieved by the school pre-pandemic.
  • Embed curriculum changes made in 2021/22 and support staff new to the school.
  • To ensure that opportunities for collaboration across local schools are strengthened and enhanced, with a renewed focus on professional opportunities for staff; accountability between schools (peer evaluation, challenge and support) and curriculum enhancement for pupils
  • To continue to strengthen our curriculum offer to meet the needs of all pupils academically, socially and personally (including well-being and mental health). Ensuring that all subjects embrace and celebrate diversity

Governor feedback - young voices:

I just thought you'd appreciate some feedback from the school's recent involvement with Young Voices, from me, as both a governor and a parent. 

The event was simply superb, with the children hugely benefitting from this opportunity. The joy on their faces was clearly evident and I'm sure this experience will help them grow in confidence. It was also lovely to see them display their 'NB' banner that they had made with pride.

Listening and talking to the many other parents who attended, it was clear my thoughts and feelings were echoed. The general consensus was that this must happen again next year and beyond!

Also, credit must be given to Mrs Ward, Mr Ikin and the other volunteers who, despite the very long day, sang and danced their hearts out, providing encouragement to all the children.