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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

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In science we are learning about "Materials".

Please complete these 6 lessons from Oak academy

Supplementary science resources and ideas

These are some practical ideas of things you can be doing at home to support learning.

Look around your house and find a range of objects. What material are they made of? Why do you think this material has been chosen?

Find out about a famous inventor. What was their invention? What materials did they work with? What was their life like? What was their impact on life today? Create a fact file to show your learning.

Look at pictures of some of the bridges that can be found around the UK. Can you make your own bridge using things you can find around your house? How can you make it stronger? Which shapes worked best? What materials did you use?

Explorify has some lovely resources to look at together. Focus on the ones linked to materials for this term.

These Lego STEM activities are great for promoting scientific talk, resilience, problem solving and engineering skills.