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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

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Together We Make Learning A Memorable, Unmissable Adventure

Memorising lists of words comes more easily to some children than others so don't worry if your child finds this challenging. Remain patient and remind them to think about their learning habits.

Helpful strategies for learning to spell:

1. Play games with the spelling words:

  • Pairs games: write the words on cards ( 2 cards for each word) and place them face down on a table. turn 2 over say each word: C-A-T spells cat - keep the cards if they match.

2. Make up phrases to remember the letters in word:

  • Because: Big Elephants Can Add Up Sums Easily 

3. Test your child and focus on the words and parts of words that are tricky

4. Use scrabble letters to make the words

You can download our spelling lists from here.