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Learning at home

School closure - Learning AT HOME 2020

28th October 2020

Dear Parents

Please choose a piece of * work from the homework grid. 

We are doing addition and subtraction in maths. This week we are looking at related facts. Please look at the attachment and complete the first 4 sheets. 

In phonics we are doing a refresher in all of the phonics sounds. Please Follow this phonics revision for year 2 and have a go at the phonics session 4.

See you all soon 

Mrs Waddell


16th September 2020

Dear Parents 

We have been working on place value in maths. Please access place value maths games. Have a go at basket ball, shark numbers and bead numbers games.

In English we are looking at adjectives (describing words). Look at the powerpoint below and have a go at making your own expanded noun sentences, or as we call them in school            '2A sentences.'

Please choose the first science lesson from the homework grid and if you can one other activity from the homework grid with an asterix (see attached below) . Please do not choose History as we will be starting that after half term.

Hope you all have a good day. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Mrs Waddell 








8th July 2020

Hi class 2. I hope you are all well.

As we are in the last week of school your last project will be to write about yourself to Mrs Elliot for next term. You can put in your writing what you have been doing during lock down, hobbies that you have, what your favourite subjects are at school, what your favourite foods, toys and games are. Things you don't like and why. And what you might be looking forward to when you come back to school in class 3. Don't forget to remember your punctuation and presentation and a fabulous picture of yourself. Please take a picture of your writing and send them to They will then be sent on to Mrs Elliot.

I have attached the rest of the Oddizzi weeks 9, 10 and 11 for you to do in the holidays if you choose to and the next home learning pack. I will add the last packs when they come online next week.

Well done everyone, it has been a strange few months but we have seen the effort that has gone in to your home learning and look forward to seeing you again soon.

Have a fabulous Summer Holiday everyone. 


Mrs Waddell  and Mrs Davies 



We didn't quite get to finish our Great Fire of London topic and I know how much you all enjoyed  learning about it. Here is a link to the Museum of London. They are doing a 30 min live stream all about the Great Fire of London. They will be answering any questions you have live if you Join them on Facebook just before 2pm on 6th July for the full experience. They do ask that children must be accompanied by an adult whilst watching the stream.

You can also watch it live on YouTube or website, but you won't be able to share questions with them that way.

They will also be doing a part 2 on the 13th of July and a part 3 on the 20th July. 

How exciting! I will definitely be watching.


To those of you that have been doing the 'Go wild month', here is a letter from the wild life trust.

Dear Mrs Waddell

YOU MADE IT! A big well done to you and your young people for completing 30 Days Wild 2020 🎉  

What a month... We’ve seen paintings of otters, poems about the sky, litter picks, wildflower planting, pond digging, and all sorts of wonderfully wild shenanigans. Thank you so much to you and your class for joining us to celebrate our wild world, we have been so inspired by your tweets, posts and photos every day and we’re already looking forward to next year! 

The Wildlife Trusts


Below I have attached a certificate for you to download and print if you can . Well done everyone!

Mrs Waddell and Mrs Davies


Wk/C 29.6.20

Hi Class 2 . I hope you're all well.

I have attached wk 10 learning pack and oddizzi packs wk 6, 7 and 8.

The explorify session I would like you to look at this week is classification- minibeasts . Take a look.

This week have a look at this link to keeping safe online, these are 15 min activities to complete with your children to help with the understanding of e-safety. Click  here to get started.

Also this week I would like you to look at I see maths - games in particular this week, money. Play shops at home using real money and find different ways to make different values of money with change. See if you can take charge and be the shop keeper.

Other maths games that you can have a go at are these on 

Test your multiplication knowledge on the super maths bowling game.

Have a go at this parachute game to help with your place value knowledge.

Tell the time with this Time game.

test all of your maths number skills with this squirrel jump game 


Please remember to send in pictures of your work and any '30 days wild' pictures you have

Have a great week everyone,


Mrs Waddell and Mrs Davies


Wk/C 22nd June 2020

Hello class 2. I hope you're all well and enjoying the weather while doing your acts of wildness.

I have attached the week 9 learning pack and oddizzi packs below to have a go at this week,   wk 4 - country close up and wk5 - food and farming 

If you didn't get chance to make your bubbles last week from Explorify , have a go this week and send your pictures in.

Also as part of the healthy humans topic I have attached some links and activities all about healthy eating and where food comes from. You can access activities to complete here. Once completed there is also a certificate for you. I have attached a healthy eating booklet to complete below.

Here is a link to the interactive eat well matching challenge Have a go!

Please don't forget to send in your pictures or just a note to let us know what you have been up to 

Have a wonderful week everyone. 

Mrs Waddell and Mrs Davies


wk/c 15 June 2020

Hi Class 2, I hope you've had a good week. We have more activities for you to access.

See below the new wk 8 home learning pack and wk 2 and 3 oddizzi packs- physical features and weather and climate. 

For science there are some good activities on the  Explorify website - explorify at home section. For this week have a look at changing materials - bubbles. How big can you make yours ?

Also make sure you sign up to take part in the summer reading challenge  The children can access some of the ebooks chosen for the challenge and others for free through the leicestershire libraries service  here

Have a fab week everyone, keep sending in your work and pictures.



11th June 2020

Hi Class 2, below is a link to some fun active maths ideas! 

Imoves Maths Challenge

Also have you checked out the *Dance Challenge on the  whole school learning links page?

We cannot wait to see your dance videos! 

Have fun!


wk/c 8.6.20

I hope you are all well and have been able to get out a bit despite the rain,. 

As mentioned before one of our main focuses for this summer term is Geography and learning about other countries.

Attached below are some more geography activities to complete, See the 'oddizzi pack wk 1-places.' pdf file These are connected to the geography website 'Oddizzi'  For some of the activities you will need to log on to the oddizzi website.

The log in details will be emailed to you soon, then follow instructions in the 'oddizzi places pdf file'.

We will be putting a learning pack on here every week.

Another subject in focus this summer term is 'keeping healthy'. I have attached some cross curricular activities all to do with athletics. 'funetics' recommended ages are on each activity. Have a go!

As always we love seeing your work, don't forget to send it in an email to 

Take care all

Mrs Waddell and Mrs Davies 


29th May 2020

I hope you've all had a lovely half term and have been enjoying this glorious weather.

As mentioned in the email sent to you, we are signed up to 30 days wild with the Wildlife Trust. starting 1st June. It would be fantastic if you could send in your acts of wildness and pictures to the email address:- . I will then fill in a class progress checker and log down all of your acts of wildness.

Below I have attached the 'go wild' lesson plans and resources for you all to take part.  -

  •  Random acts of wildness cards- See if you can do an activity every day.
  • A poster to colour.
  • Bingo- can you spot enough things on your wild adventures to get a line or even a full house! Make sure you tell us when you do. We will announce the winner on here. 
  • A nature table to collect all of your finds.
  • A wall chart- fill this in daily,  it will be lovely to see all of your daily acts of wild at the end of the 30 days. 
  • Also included are many fun activities you can do.

Have a wild time class 2! As always we look forward to hearing and seeing what you've been up to.

Take Care 

Mrs Waddell & Mrs Davies


W/C 18.5.2020

Check out the new pack added for this weeks learning.  I also stumbled across a really fun webpage it has lots of interactive games and activities - it covers a range of different subjects too! 

If we were in school at the moment our current topic would be 'Jofli's Journeys' here are some ideas to keep you busy.

Plan a journey for Jofli, where would he visit? How would he get there?  You could record this is anyway you like, maybe you could create a diary, a poster/map showing his travels, you could create a vlog/blog of his travels or maybe you could create postcards from each of the places he visits. Be as creative as you like.


Miss you all, take care

Mrs Davies & Mrs Waddell

Welcome to | Jofli - The Educational Teddy Bear with ...




Reading and writing at home 

Continue to read a range of books, there are some fantastic ebooks available, also David Walliams is reading a story each day at 11am. Check out David Walliams Elevenses

Twinkl have a great range of reading comprehension activities that are good to use. 

You could have a go at writing a book review, tell us all about the book you have read. 

You could could become an author and write your own story or create a different version of a well known story.

Have a go at keeping a diary, let us know what you have been doing at home, 

Year 2 Common Exception Words

Make sure you sign up to take part in the SUMMER READING CHALLENGE  The children can access some of the ebooks chosen for the challenge and others for free through the leicestershire libraries service  here

maths at home

Keep calm and carry on doodling! Look out for added extras!!

Hit the button is a great website for practising times tables.  

Times Tables Me is also great for times tables, you can generate a times tables quiz to print or practise online.  

Children in Class 2 are expected to know 2, 5 & 10 times tables.  You could challenge yourself by learning your 3 times tables if you like. 

You can also join the Maths Factor for free.

Imoves Maths Challenge

science at home 

Growing your own food

Think about where different foods come from.  Can you have a go at growing your own foods?  Maybe you could write some instructions explaining how to grow your own strawberry plants.

Tesco Eat Happy Project Has lots of informative videos that tell us all about different foods and where they come from.  They also share fun ideas for cooking and learning some cookery skills.  Have fun in the kitchen.

Explorify website - Explorify at home section.


History & Geography 

Research how London has changed from 1666 to the present day.  Think about physical features and human features.  How are they different? 

You could create a fact file or project making comparisons.

Go on an adventure with Steve Backshall, meet some interesting animals and travel to different destinations. 

Wildlife with Steve Backshall

Oddizzi packs attached below   For some of the activities you will need to log on to the oddizzi website.


Art & design at home

There is the Doodle Challenge for you to have a go at.  See how many activities you can complete.

Create a beautiful spring picture using a media of your choice.

Practise your sketching skills by creating a view from a window.  It can be a real view or an imaginary view.

Become an architect - Have a go at designing your own dream house, what would it look like? How many floors would it have? How big or small would it be?  What materials would you need?  Then have a go at constructing your house, you could try using junk modelling, lego or any other household items you can think of.

Music at home 

Join in and sing some of our favourite songs with 'Out of the Ark'

Have a music lesson here Music with Myleene Klass

Can you create your own style of music? Think about keeping a rhythm.

pe at home

Have a go at creating your own exercise routine, maybe you could create a routine to try out with your family.  Could you create a circuit or your own bleep test?

Below are some more ideas to keep you active.

PE with Joe Wicks

Cosmic Yoga

Dance with Oti Mabuse




Please help your child to remember to bring their reading record, and reading book to school in their book bag every day. We will make sure that your child will read to an adult at least twice a week. This is in addition to guided reading sessions. It is also really important that you make the time to read with your child every single day at home, so that they can practise the skills that they are learning in school and become confident, fluent readers. If your child takes home key words to learn, it is now essential that these are worked on daily.

Spelling and tables

Spelling test is on a Wednesday and tables test is on a Friday.

Information about spellings and tables can be found in homework books and by following this link: