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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

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Safeguarding, Health, Safety & Wellbeing


The designated Senior lead for safeguarding is the headteacher, Mrs Sue Ward. Mrs Louise Elliott and Mrs Linda Foster are also safeguarding officers within the school. Please report any concerns you may have, in confidence to the headteacher or to one of the other safeguarding officers in school.

Lets Talk Pants! - Teach your child the Underwear Rule and help protect them from abuse. 
The 'Pantosaurus' video can be found here -


Behaviour Principles

In considering all matters related to behaviour and discipline, the following principles have been agreed

1. All children have a right to learn and all teachers a right to teach

2. All children can make choices about their behaviour and should be helped to exercise that choice responsibly.

3. All children should be encouraged to be honest about their behaviour, with themselves and other people, and helped to learn from their experiences.

4. All children should learn that good behaviour has consequences, which may include rewards, and that good behaviour is appreciated and encouraged.

5. All children should learn that inappropriate behaviour has consequences, which may include punishment, and that following these consequences a fresh start is available.

6. All children should know that inappropriate behaviour will not be ignored or overlooked and that in rejecting the behaviour the child is not rejected.

7. All children should see that staff have high expectations of behaviour, apply the behaviour code consistently and show the responsibility for maintaining high standards throughout the school and grounds and during visits of site (as appropriate to the circumstances)..


Emergency & SEVERE WEATHER Closure

The procedure for informing parents of our school closing due to severe weather or in case of emergency closure is as follows: -

  • We will send you a text message if at all possible
  • Details will be passed to the local radio station, Radio Leicester - 104.9 FM
  • They will broadcast the information from 7.30 am.
  • You can also access the up to date information on line at Radio Leicester
  • Parents/Guardians must not contact the radio station direct as this hinders the process.

During adverse weather conditions we will endeavour to minimise the risk to school users by carrying out the following:

  • A safe route from the main gate to all school entrances will be cleared of snow and/or ice and gritted.
  • Warning signs will be displayed.

All school users/visitors/staff, including pupils, must keep to the cleared & gritted routes.

Please note that all school users have a personal responsibility to be careful when walking on snow and ice

Please read the detailed Emergency Closure Parent Information below


We have at least 8 members of staff trained in First Aid with 3 members trained in Paediatric First Aid

Bumped Head/Injury Near Eye

  1. You will receive a text message informing you of any bumped head or injury near eye.
  2. A letter concerning the incident will be in your child’s book bag.
  3. We will give your child a red 'I bumped my head today' wrist band.

In case of all First Aid incidents; we will phone you immediately if we think your child should see a doctor or needs to be collected urgently; if appropriate we will phone an ambulance.

Request for Services (for Children and Families) - Early Help - Family Steps