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Newton Burgoland Primary School

Newton Burgoland Primary School

Together We Can Achieve Excellence

Quality Assurance, Feedback & Reports

The quality of the education, care, guidance and support your child receives matters deeply to us. Every child is a unique individual, so we are constantly adapting and changing to meet the varied needs of our school population.

We welcome feedback to help us to be the best we can be for all of our families.

Ofsted Feedback

We are proud to have been graded 'outstanding' in 2011 We look forward to out next visit, so we can share how we have developed and improved our provision even further for our children and families.

Development Points:

1. Raise attainment in mathematics by ensuring the marking of pupils’ work consistently gives them effective guidance on how to improve and reach the next step in their learning.
2. In the Early Years Foundation Stage, explore ways to develop the outdoor curriculum, so it is fully responsive to the varying size of each year group.

Since our last inspection we have:

  • Ensured that all teachers and teaching partners have strong subject knowledge in mathematics.
  • Implemented Primary stars and white rose supplemented by 'maths no-problem' and 1 see reasoning
  • Developed our marking and feedback policy so that pupils misconceptions in maths can be identified and quickly addressed.
  • Developed our provision for EYFS and key stage 1 pupils so that all pupils are able to develop fully as effective learners EYFS Visit 2021
  • Improved the outdoor curriculum for EYFS and KS 1 by implementing forest schools and enhancing our outdoor environment. 

Pupil feedback

The smiles on our children's faces, the high attendance rates and the learning buzz around our school tell us that we are doing a great job. Our children would like a swimming pool, a field, more forest schools and the opportunity to make a difference for our planet.

Our newly formed Eco-team are leading the way with an Eco- brick challenge and regular assemblies and events.

The governor pupil survey takes place in June each year.

Pupil survey by Governors 2018/19

The school was closed in June 2020

parent feedback

Our parent survey usually takes place at the end of the autumn term.

Parent survey 2021

Accordion content

Parent feedback- penny for your thoughts

Parent Feedback- open mornings- You said – we listened.


Keep doing what you are doing! The children are happy and learning and friendly. A full education.’


‘I think you are all doing an excellent job’


‘Very lovely morning seeing all the children interacting nicely having fun. Lovely atmosphere. Feel like a kid again. Love the school 1000/10’


‘So wonderful to be back in class and see their work and happy faces. Thank you.’’’


‘Lovely resources, happy children. Lots of relaxed learning.’


‘Loved to see all the great work


‘Friendly and happy atmosphere and happy with everything at the school.’


‘It was lovely to have an open morning again and feel involved with the school’


‘After school clubs are great and have been really enjoyed this term’


‘Work books are great’


‘I think everything is brilliant’


Revert back to all pupils going through the front gate as opposed to the rear for the winter’

We have done this.


Bring Golden Time back’

We want all class 3 and 4 pupils to have forest schools once a month and to have time to focus on an area of concern to them – climate change – so Golden time will be enjoyed at the end of each half-term. This allows us time to teach the full National curriculum.


‘Forest schools for all years if possible’

By changing golden time, we have done this. We value it too.


Class 1- ‘I was very impressed by the level of independence they’re allowed’

‘So lovely to see the children in their classroom and to be shown their daily routines. Great to see independence being promoted’

Learning habits are at the centre of our curriculum alongside reading. Independence and responsibility are vital for well-being throughout life.


Combine emails/ MSG when there are more children, one per family’

Our system should be doing this please talk to the office so we can sort this out.


‘Would be helpful to let parents know what is planned for the class for the term ahead so parents can have an understanding and can help better at home.’

We are updating and improving the information on class pages


‘Been great with all the kids’

‘Doing well- keeping the kids as happy and settled as possible during these uncertain times’

Thank you. We care about our school family’s well-being. Well-being is essential for learning.


‘Love what you are doing the kids are happy and settled. The only thing that would help is a bit more information when homework is due’

We asked teachers to do this for you.


‘The classroom looks amazing – class 3’

Thank you, we worked really hard over the summer to prepare class 3 for active learning and for their new teacher. We wanted to build on the skills promoted in class 1 and 2 and encourage children to deepen their learning through play.


‘More interaction with the class-teacher’

This has been difficult during the restrictions of covid but our teachers are always available in the playground at the end of the day and you can contact the office if you would like a chat.


‘mixing up year 3 and 4 to sit next to each other will develop year 3 more’

We expect all of our pupils to be able to work productively with each other so places are mixed randomly and regularly.


Remote Education survey 2021

Accordion content

Remote learning survey  end of lock down 21

We asked you about your experience of remote learning, so we could learn how to better support you.

You told us:

You never want to be lock down again this again but if you have to:

  • You liked the variety of paper based and screened lessons, so this would continue.
  • Most of you got on well with Oak Academy, due to its flexibility (when, where and how), so this would continue. It also allowed us to ensure that learning can be self-paced and that it can match the curriculum being taught in school.
  • You enjoyed the class stories, so we would make these a daily occurrence and record them for anyone who is unable to attend

We would hope to, rules allowing, for to enable every child to be in school once a week to support everyone’s well-being

Many of you expressed concern about levels of fitness following lock down, so we scheduled additional PE in the run-up to Easter and in the Summer Term.

SRE working group

Some of you told us you were worried about how quickly the proposed scheme introduced 'doctor words' so we delayed the specific teaching of scientific vocabulary in class 1 (F and Y1) but agreed that the adults in the setting would use correct terminology.

The children told us how empowered they felt by having the knowledge they needed at the right time. Their viewpoint was reassuring to the parents in the group.



A parent feedback box is located in the foyer.

Parent feedback October 21


Governor monitoring and feedback

The governor year includes:

  • Parent, pupil and staff surveys
  • Visits to school to look at the impact of school improvement activity
  • Focused visits: safeguarding, attendance, health and safety

Governors play a vital role challenging us to be the best and supporting us through times of change.

Governors' most recent reports 

Attendance 2019

History in Year 6 

Keep Safe Club

EYFS Visit 2021

Philosophy 2019

Assembly 2020

SEND Summer 2019

Parent Survey 2020



Where appropriate, governor reports can also be found within curriculum pages 

external Feedback

Working with Our Teaching School Partner

We are a member of Forest Way Teaching School Alliance and are subject to an annual health check, by an external advisor, as a result of that membership. We value the opportunity to share our successes and our future plans with an educational professional who can both support us and challenge us on our journey.   External Health Check Summary 

Update on Priorities from 2019

1. Teaching and learning in upper KS2- ensure consistency

.We are confident that issues have been addressed,

2. It would be helpful to the headteacher to review systems for monitoring the impact of strategies linked to ‘Growth Mindset’ and PC4 so that there is greater accountability when it is needed to check consistency of application across the school.

Development of P4C delayed by the pandemic. consistency is being monitored by the Head teacher and governors. 

3.Further develop the EYFS drawing on the support of an EYFS specialist, so that provision is outstanding for all pupils.

EYFS provision is now outstanding.

Note due to covid we did not have a health check on 2020/21

In 2021/22 the health check will take place in December.


Tribal Education Quality mark 2020

We were awarded our 4th quality mark in the summer of 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,

I am delighted that your child’s school has recently been awarded a Quality Mark Award.

This national accreditation is awarded to schools which meet the Quality Mark Standard and will last for three years, after which a renewal assessment is required.

The Quality Mark promotes, supports and celebrates progress and improvements made by a school in English and mathematics. Without these ‘basic skills’ of good communication, English and mathematical skills, individuals are disadvantaged throughout their lives – as learners, in the workplace and as parents, consumers and citizens and so they form the ‘bedrock’ of a good education.

To achieve a Quality Mark, schools have to undergo an assessment, carried out by an external accredited assessor, against the 10 ‘Elements’ of the Quality Mark framework. These cover key aspects of the school’s improvement agenda, including the identification and analysis of the school’s needs; strategic planning; target setting for improvement; intervention and support for pupils under-achieving or under-attaining; provision of quality in both teaching and in resources; staff development; and active engagement with families. Effective monitoring and evaluation are also required - particularly to achieve renewal when continuing development by the school and evidence of impact of actions must be demonstrated.

I hope you will share in the pride of the school and its pupils in achieving this award.

Yours faithfully,

Nicola Morris, Quality Mark National Director


Identified next steps are:

1. Further embed the pupil feedback strategy so that pupils are better able to understand the progress they are making and what they need to do to improve

2. Continue to develop the standard of speaking and listening skills for those pupils have very low starting points to accelerate their progress

How we are making identified improvements:

  1. Updated marking policy in place
  2. Whole school focus on reading and vocabulary development.


Visitor Feedback

Visitors to our school comment on:

  • The high standards of pupils' work
  • The respect they see between pupils and between pupils and adults
  • The standards of behaviour
  • Pupils' positive attitudes to learning

'They were lovely children to work with'.

Lisa Webb Artworks & Resource Box Officer    12/5/21

'Thanks again for allowing me and Bradley to visit and work with your students last week. I echo what Bradley said about your students being well-mannered and hard-working and it was a pleasure delivering a turntablism session in your school.'  

Tim Clay Team Leader - Music Technology, Contemporary and Urban 18/1/21

Self evaluation


Our school consistently meets the criteria for good and much of the criteria for outstanding.

  • Priority 1: Support staff new to the school including ECT
  • Priority 2: Curriculum catch up – full review to set priorities following school closure and induct new staff to give ownership of a well-established broad and ambitious curriculum. ( review completed - October 21). Support all pupils to achieve post pandemic standards.
  • Priority 3: Staff CPD for the newly adopted phonics scheme – with full implementation and ‘catch-up’ – support in place for all pupils with additional needs. 
  • Priority 4: Re-establish expectations for all pupils (behaviour, standards, attitudes and learning habits) - achieved
  • Priority 5: Establish a new leadership team
  • Priority 6: Community well-being